Budget Committee


Hollis is a Municipal Budget Act town, as is the Hollis School District. This means the members of the Hollis Budget Committee
are responsible for the creation and presentation to voters of the operating budgets for the Town and Hollis School
District, as well as reviewing and making recommendations on the financial issues to the voters,  Selectmen and Hollis School Board.

(note - the Hollis Brookline Cooperative School district has an independent Coop Budget Commmittee)


monthly meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of each month; 7:00pm; in the Town Hall Community Room

usually two meetings per month in December through February

participation in the Town of Hollis Annual Meeting and Hollis School District Annual District Meetings in March.

Note - The Budget Committee encourages residents' attendance, input and involvement, and regular meetings usually provide time for input from the public.


Eight members:

Six at-large members, elected by Town ballot for three-year terms;

One ex officio member: Selectmen's representative;

One ex officio member: Hollis School Board representative.

Criteria for Membership:

Registered voters of the Town of Hollis.