All Hollis Cemeteries are closed to visitors from Dusk until Dawn.

Cemetery Lawns Improvement Plan

Please contact Beverly Hill at 465-2246 or in person at the DPW Garage at 10 Muzzey Road 8am-3pm to purchase cemetery lots, make interment arrangements or to inquire about other general cemetery information.

East Cemetery Maps - updated 2018

North Cemetery Maps - updated October 2017

Directions to Hollis Cemeteries: (pdf files)


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Effective January 1, 2010 the Hollis Cemetery Trustees no longer sell Cemetery Deeds or collect Perpetual Care funds. The Trustees will sell a Right to Inter and collect General Care funds.

            Cemetery Trustees By-Laws
Cemetery Rules
            Fee Schedule
            Sample Right to Inter
            Important Information for Right to Inter      

Cemetery Lot Ownership article from www.nashuatelegraph.com October 7, 2011

REGULAR MEETING:  One Saturday each month in the Upper Town Hall or at various cemeteries. For more details please contact Beverly at 465-2246 Monday-Friday 7:30-3:30.

CHAIRMAN:  Melinda Willis                                                    Secretary: Beverly Hill (603)465-2246


Melinda Willis, Chairman 465-3470
Marc Squires 860-4339
Raul Blanche 598-6772
Amy Armstrong  
Lisa Schmalz 889-1120

Cemetery Minutes

Note:  Any minutes that are not posted on this site can be obtained in person at DPW or by email email