Hollis Energy Committee

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The general purpose of the Hollis Energy Committee is to promote energy conservation and efficiency through sustainable energy practices throughout the Town of Hollis in response to the local, state, national and global issue of energy consumption.


1st Monday of each month; 7 pm; Upper Town Hall


7 regular and 2 alternate Hollis residents appointed by Selectmen

Criteria for Membership:

Members of the HEC must be passionate about making changes to improve our local environment and to help reduce our energy consumption in Hollis. Activities include:

1. Conduct as many meetings and hearings as necessary in accordance with RSA Chapter 91-A.

2. Maintain a permanent committee file that includes but is not limited to meeting minutes, correspondence and reports.

3. Work with local, regional, state and federal organizations, schools and municipal departments to identify and assess energy
    inefficiencies and to recommend practical economic and environmental solutions.

4. Act in an advisory role to other Town boards, committees and commissions to develop and/or amend local regulations and
    ordinances that would promote energy conservation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

5. Promote community-wide energy efficiency practices through education and outreach.

6. Form subcommittees, as necessary, to focus on specific objectives of the committee including, but not limited to, grant writing,
    public relations, education and outreach.

7. Seek grant opportunities and partnerships to provide financial assistance in the implementation of innovative energy initiatives.


Energy Committee Home Page