Annual Town Reports:
2017 (4M pdf) 2011 (12M pdf) 2005 (10M pdf)    
2016 (9M pdf) 2010 (5M pdf 2004 (10M pdf)
2015 (7M pdf) 2009 (4M pdf) 2003 (13M pdf)    
2014 (6M pdf) 2008 (4M pdf)  2002 (13M pdf)    
2013 (6M pdf) 2007 (5M pdf) 2001 (11M pdf)     
2012 (7M pdf) 2006 (4M pdf)  2000 (10M pdf)    

 Archived Annual Town Reports 

Conservation Commission
        HCC Land Conservation Fund and Future Plans - This pdf details the activity of the HCC over the years 1998-2009.
        River Stewardship Plan - March 2018 (6M pdf) see also

Educational Review
        Educational Review Final Report - March 2016 (6M pdf)

Energy Reports
        Energy Action Plan for Town of Hollis (.6m pdf) - prepared by NRPC June 2009
        NH Municipal Energy Assistance Program - Decision Grade Audit Report - Police Station Dec 2009 (.9m pdf)
        Building Energy Audit Reports - May 2012
                        Primary School (7M pdf)
                        Upper Elementary School (17M pdf)
                        Hollis/Brookline Middle School (15M pdf)
                        Hollis/Brookline High School (15M pdf)
                        SAU 41 Administration (11M pdf)
                        Town Hall (17M pdf)
                        Police Station (10M pdf)
                        Fire Station (9M pdf)
                        Library (10M pdf)
                        Public Works (4M pdf)
                        Transfer Station (4M pdf)
                        Lawrence Barn (7M pdf)

Facilities Space Needs Study Committee Report  
        Facilities Space Needs Report December 2002  
        Phase 2  - Education Final Report October 2008 (3.4M pdf)

Farley Building Structure 2007 (pdf)
Farley Building Committee Report - 10/26/2011
Farley Building Deactivation Overview - December 2012 (13M pdf)
Farley Building Stabilization Plan - December 2012 (4.5M pdf)

Fee Schedule (pdf)

Financial Statements
        2017 (pdf)
        2016 (pdf)
        2015 (pdf)
        2014 (pdf)
        2013 (pdf)   
        2012 (pdf)   
        2011 (pdf)   
        2010 (pdf)   
        2009 (pdf)   
        2008 (pdf)   

Planning Reports
        1998 Master Plan (2.6M pdf)
        2008 Strategic Planning Final Report  (1.9M pdf)
        Strategic Planning website

Property Tax Equity Committee Final Report   
        The Cost of Growth - October 2006 (.9M pdf)

Protected Properties (new March 2018)
        All Protected Properties
        Town Only Protected Properties
        Town Properties Not Protected        

Vehicle Inventory
        Public Works Vehicle Inventory as of November 2017

Water Quality Study - March 2006 (3.4M pdf)