Highway Safety Committee


The Highway Safety Committee receives input from citizens and from the Board of Selectmen having to do with safety on our roadways. The committee takes testimony from citizens, considers the issue, determines if it is a problem worth taking action and makes recommendations to the Board of Selectmen.


The committee meets on the second Monday of January, April, July and October at 3pm in Town Hall. Additional meetings may be called to address urgent matters on an as needed basis or by request of the Selectmen.


The committee is made up of the three department heads and three members at large from the community and one alternate. The chair is one of the at large members. The committee also has a membership slot for a selectmen. But since the results of the meetings always go to the selectmen, that member is usually not in attendance.

Criteria for Membership:

A knowledge of the roads, road surfaces, traffic experience, etc., would be a prime criteria. A person with experience in Police, Fire or Public works would be a prime candidate. Knowing the community and it's evolvement in streets and traffic would be beneficial. Being available for Monday 3pm meetings, which last about one hour, would be mandatory.