Old Home Days Committee


Our mission is to provide the residents of Hollis, both past and present, with a traditional Old Home Days celebration that is fun, safe and family-friendly. Our celebration brings together families, friends, neighbors, community groups and local businesses to honor, unite and support our community.


1st Monday of each month; 7:00pm; meeting room at the Hollis Social Library


8-12 members

Criteria for Membership:

Our town's Old Home Day celebration is the annual town party. It is essential that members of this committee balance the needs and requests of everyone in the community when planning the event.

Specific criteria include:

1.    enjoy event planning;

2.    willing and able to attend and participate in monthly meetings.

3.    willing and able to spend, on average, about 4-6 hours per week during August and early September on pulling event details together

4.    willing and able to spend a significant amount of time Thursday to Sunday of Old Home Day weekend to help set up, run and teardown the event. This involves physical activity such as folding tables and chairs, running electrical cords, marking the field, walking from one end of the field to the other repeatedly.

5.  has capability to build consensus, solve problems and execute projects while working within a diverse group

6.    experience with fundraising a plus