Hollis Schools

Public Schools:

SAU-41 - www.sau41.org

        Hollis Primary School (K-3rd) - https://sites.google.com/a/sau41.org/hps/

        Hollis Upper Elementary (4th-6th) - https://sites.google.com/a/sau41.org/hollis-upper-elementary/

        Hollis Brookline Middle School (7th-8th) - hollisbrooklinems.org

        Hollis Brookline High School (9th-12th) - hollisbrookline.org

School Boards
        Hollis School Board
        Hollis Brookline Cooperative School Board
        Hollis Brookline Cooperative Budget Committee

Parent Organizations
        Hollis Elementary PTA
        Hollis Brookline Middle School PTSA
        Hollis Brookline High School PTSA

Private Schools

Hollis Academy For Children - Play, Learn, Laugh and Grow! We make Learning FUN for ages 30 months to 12 yrs.
                                Small class sizes for individual learning.
                                Sonya McTeague, Director
                                465-7005   hollisacademy.net
                                4-A Market Place

Hollis Montessori School - www.hollismontessori.org
                                                   Authentic Montessori education for children age 3 through 9th grade.

Hollis Preschool -  www.hollispreschool.com   
           5 Market Place, Hollis, NH
           Bridget Roy and Lindsay Silvestri - Co-Directors

           Serving the community for almost 50 years, Hollis Preschool is a non profit preschool with classes for
           2, 3 and 4 year olds. In addition, Kindergarten readiness, enrichment programs and summer camps are
           available. It's play based curriculum challenges and nurtures students building their curiosity and
           independence as they begin their life of learning.

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