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Updated March 27, 2008

We citizens of Hollis live in a special town. We have the beauty of our fields, our orchards, our forests. We are surrounded by the history of our country’s earliest times. Our citizens volunteer in every facet of our town government and town’s activities. Our schools are the envy of many.

As we prepare for Hollis’ inevitable growth, we are wise to consider what we cherish about our town, and what we want to preserve. We then must work together to preserve what we decide makes our town so special.

For the past three years, the Hollis Strategic Planning Committee has sought to understand our town -- what it is today and might be in the future, and what our citizens love and want to preserve.

We present here a short summary of conclusions based on the data we have collected:

  1. We must preserve our rural character. We must keep some of our fields, our orchards, our forests, protected against development. We must preserve our historic sites. We must know where our water resources are and protect them. We must be a town friendly to our agricultural businesses.
  2. We must understand, appreciate, and encourage a high rate of participation and volunteerism by town residents.
  3. We must maintain the many other aspects necessary for a well-functioning town. These include our schools, our community facilities, our police, fire, and emergency services, our roads, our utilities and communication systems.
  4. We must address emerging issues which reflect our growth and aging demographics. These include elderly services, recreational facilities, and public transportation.

We must balance all these goals and maintain an acceptable tax rate.

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Photo credits: Harold Bigelow and US Department of Agriculture.


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