Best Management Practices for Backyard Mechanics and Hobbyists

Every year homeowners, backyard mechanics, and hobbyists spill or dispose of gas, oil, antifreeze and other motor vehicle or power equipment fluids that end up in the groundwater the majority of New Hampshire’s residents use as a drinking water source.

Restoring contaminated groundwater can cost millions, and sometimes billions, of dollars. Here in New Hampshire an estimated $400,000/month is spent on remediation of MtBE alone, and that’s only one of the constituents in gasoline that can pollute our drinking water.

Backyard mechanics and motor vehicle enthusiasts can easily help prevent groundwater contamination of drinking water supplies by following a few simple practices to prevent spills, leaks, and other potential sources of contamination. These practices are easy to follow and usually cost nothing but a little time and effort.

For additional information contact the Department of Environmental Services at 271-7017 or 271-2947. Find additional information regarding pollution prevention and other waste recycling programs at the website: