Election Information

Election Dates:
        Town Election - Tuesday March 13th, 2018,
7am-7pm at Lawrence Barn, 28 Depot Road

        Town elections are held the second Tuesday of March.

     State-wide and Congressional elections are held in even-numbered years, on the Tuesday after the
        first Monday of November. Presidential elections are held every four years, on the same day.

        Primaries for state-wide and Congressional elections are held in even-numbered years, the second Tuesday of September.

        Presidential primaries are held early in the year of the Presidential election, at a date to be determined
        by the NH Secretary of State.

Sample Ballots:

        2018 Town Election
        2018 Zoning Ballot
        2018 School Election
        2018 Cooperative School Election

Election Results:
        2018 Town Election
        2017 Town Election
        2016 General Election - Hollis Results
        2016 State Primary - Hollis Results
        2016 Town Election
2016 Presidential Primary - Hollis Results
        2015 Town Election
        2015 Hollis/Brookline Cooperative
        2015 School District Election
        2015 Zoning Ordinance
        State Election: November 4, 2014 Hollis Results


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